Ours Decanter Set

The couple that drinks together, stays together. Comes in His/Hers, His/His, or Hers/Hers varieties.


Custom Glassware

Have glasses engraved with the text of your choosing.

Starting at $78

Mother Decanter Set

Cause sometimes Mama needs a drink! Give her the gift that keeps giving, bedtime after bedtime.


Seven Deadly Sins Glassware

Your guests will be able to keep track of their cocktails when they're each assigned a different sin.


Liquor Decanters

The perfect Father's Day gift. Hand engraved decanters for their favorite poison.

Starting at $40


Custom Silhouette Charm

A one-of-a-kind charm in your loved one's likeness. The perfect gift for sweethearts, mothers, and brides.

Starting at $158

Custom Baby Name Ring

The sweetest gift for mothers: rings hand-engraved with her children's names and birthdates. Wear alone or stacked.

Starting at $188

Celestial Necklace

Our newest necklace is inspired by Victorian iconography but is pretty groovy with its long chain.

starting at $228

Sparrow Necklace

This intricately detailed necklace, inspired by Victorian and classic tattoo iconography is cast from an expert hand-engraving..

starting at $198

Bow & Arrow Necklace

Inspired by Victorian iconography, this necklace is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.


Footprint Charm

Made from your baby's own footprint.


Tattoo Banner Necklace

This tiny, banner, hand-engraved with your own message, nestles sweetly around your neck.

Starting at $168

Seven Deadly Sins Necklaces

Inspired by turn of the century souvenir jewelry, the hand-engraving makes these eye-catchingly glittery.

Starting at $288



An ode to our favorite city by our friends at Swayspace!


Cut Paper Silhouette

Hand-cut likenesses make the perfect gift.

$48-78 depending on quantity


Seven Deadly Sins Onesies

A little bit of irony for the munchkin set...emblazoned with one of the Seven Deadlies we think suit little ones best.


Seven Deadly Sins

Show the love for Love & Victory with a t-shirt emblazoned with the 7 Deadly Sins.



Gift Certificates

Don't have time? Not sure what she'll want? Purchase our printable gift certificates.

Available in all denominations or for specific products.